Pray Request

Please keep all these in your prays.

1. Bro. Mike & Lisa & family. Special prayers for his family.
2. Matthew & Paige with Baby Gracie
3. Sterling & Gloria Leonard need prayer
4. Lynn Rawe and Darrell, they are recovering from auto accident.
5. Sandy Mosbacher needs prayer for her eyes
6. Betty Foresyth is recovering from her 2nd back surgery
7. Jamey Doyle’s heart
8. Angel needs prayer for her son, Travis and her granddaughter
9. Sara Skold husband and herself need prayer for health
10. Leslie & Richard need prayer
11. Judy Hoggard are asking prayer for a New KJV Pastor
12. Joanne has COPD stage 4
13. Jasón is asking prayer for his health & heart
14. Meghan Portell is asking prayer for Shane, he has stage 3 cancer
15. Philip & Deb are asking prayer for their family & unsaved
16. Dee is asking prayer for her niece and her family
17. David & Emily need prayer for health
18. Melissa is asking prayer for her daughter & Mom. John asking prayer for his sister
19. Leslie & Richard need prayer
20. Kevin York has COVID and pneumonia
21. Donna Byerly for her health
22. Donna Fippinger was diagnosed with lung cancer
23. Matthew & Paige are asking prayer for Gracelynn health and their family
24. Brian & Pam need prayer for their family.
25. Karl has stage three pancreatic cancer

26. Roy needs prayer.
27. Cheryl’s friend & family need prayers
28. Cubby & Cindy need prayer for health & family
29. Tim & Marlene Burns need prayer for family and unsaved
30. Holly Farmer is in a lot of pain having neck surgery on December 8th.
31. Todd & Courtney & family
32. Lindsay and her kids
33. Alicia & Michael & family
34. Monica is asking prayer for Phillip, Robert & Heather
35. David Wood needs prayer for his family
36. Michael & Karen Corbin is asking prayer for her family
37. Betty Walsh and her family
38. Max Cloke’s cancer.
39. Shannon & family needs prayer
40. Bro. Sam, from India, his orphanage.
41. Robin family for healing & salvation
42. Pam Ketelsen needs prayer
43. Catherine White needs prayer for her sons. Satan is really attacking them.
44. Bob & Susan ask prayers for their family
45. Nancy Reindl needs prayer for her husband.
46. Rose Hinton needs
47. Lori needs prayer for her health and her family
48. Donna Trulove and family
49. Chris Gunn and family
50. Monica
51. Noel has cancer