The Devil Tried to Stop this Video from Being Recorded, and then This Happened..


teresa arvidson
Oh, i wanted to menttiom have you noticed that the hangman tarot card and the falling man on 9-11 are almost identical? and i also want to remind you of the horrible earthquake and ensuing tsunamis that killed thousands was on 3-11-2011?
teresa arvidson
hey Pastor Mike! I have been a faithful listener for about 5yrs. now, i tell everyone i know about your program, you have taught me soo much. Ialso saw a flying saucer when i was young, your insights are amazing, ive always been really interested in the signs of the times re: as it pertains to scripture. i frew up as a nazarene on one side and pentecostal on the other side of my family. ive been slain in the "spirit", went thru the innerhealing crap inthe 80s, and everything you say is true, i renounced my "gift of tongues", and i am still a little confused tho' because of the giggly joy i experienced for about a week after it happened. i was so happy as i sought it for years. it makes me sick to think of all the wrong teaching i got thru the full gospel churches, i dont even know who the real Christ is, i only hope and pray He will count me blameless on that day. i struggle with addictions , having backslid for years, bouncing between the world and church. pray for my complete deliverance and God be with you and continually guide you! your friend, teresa
Gary Madrigal
I love all your teachinf Pastor Mike
We love your videos praising GOD for everyone and always praying for you brother Mike
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