Ten Things Not True About Mary


Mary's FREE Choice Cont....btw...IF GOD had indwelled Mary with HIS seed (HIMself technically) without her previous consent. THAT would be >rape. Which would have made GOD NO better than the fallen angel-Demons, devils etc. who DO do thing TO humans withOUT their consent. God cannot go against HIS own rule-Law of human FREE Choice and Consent. Or That would make HIM as evil as the fallen angels; which HE-GOD talks SO STRONGLY against their BAD-EVIL Behavior. THIS also needs to be mentioned and kept in mind. ty yours truly, Lyne
what about Mary's Free Choice to either accept-Consent to what GOD's plan was? When HE God sent the Angel to Mary about the Miracle Conception BY GOD HIMself; She HAD to have a FREE Choice and HAD to Consent to it. OR it would have been rape By GOD. Everyone seems to slide right over that fact. Even IF GOD did know she WOULD agree. HE still HAD to have her verbal Consent to it. It IS very important factor to the salvation plan by GOD. AND it needs to be noticed and taken into consideration. IF Mary had chosen to NOT consent; and NOT take on that level of burden and responsibility. GOD would have had to look for another candidate to consent. Please I would like to see a video done of THIS factor. Or at least have it mentioned in a follow up to THIS '10 things NOT true about Mary'.. It is something that has been my heart and mind a lot lately.. Many blessings to you and your house and the Bethel family, in Christ Jesus Name, sincerely Lyne.
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