They Worshiped the Dragon
Delivered By
Pastor Mike Hoggard
Delivered On
July 9, 2017
Sunday School


07-16-2017 at 8:20 PM
Hi Pastor Mike:
Sorry about that I got cut off. If possible can we have the video too. I miss you all. God bless you all. Also, I just so happen came across this vid on you tube you may say "STOP RIGHT THERE" Papal Audience Hall Serpent God Temple this a 3min version but it's a confirmation what you where referring to. Thank you
07-16-2017 at 8:08 PM
Hi Pastor Mike:

I like the new format but I don't care for is that we can't see you nor the church family, nor the examples you put on screen. If oiss
07-13-2017 at 5:09 PM
God bless, please take this in love.
Your church serums are so noisy and the audience is recorded. Please have the shut off and the wireless mic on only..I'm a professional and you will have well balanced recording. Mic the audience comments with a shotgun mic on an audio board channel separate and can be manual potted up by your Boardman. I pray daily your church and all workings and have been an online member since 2012.
God's Love
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