The King James Code

Pastor Mike will be webcasting each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM CST.  Come join us as we study the Word of God, including some current events, from the King James Bible.  The link to your right will take you our broadcasts.


Watchman Series:
For a monthly donation of any amount, you will receive all of our Watchman Broadcasts, Bible Studies, Sunday Sermons, Sunday School Lessons, and any new feature video titles released that month.  Just click here to send us an email and request to be placed on the list.  Please be sure to give your full name and complete mailing address.
Although we are a very small ministry, all DVD/CD titles are sent out free of charge to anyone unable to pay our cost to produce and mail the disks.  We encourage you to copy and distribute our videos as the Lord directs you.  Many have copied our videos into the thousands.  We thank God for this outreach!
We continue to send our videos all over the USA and into an increasing number of foreign countries.  Your donations will help continue this growing and important ministry which is reaching thousands across the globe. You may send your check, money order, or use the PayPal donate button below (credit cards accepted through this method).

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