Revelation of Apostasy
Delivered By
Pastor Mike Hoggard
Delivered On
June 14, 2020
Sunday Morning Sermon


01-17-2021 at 4:56 PM
Kittie-lyn Marange Moore
I love and pray for this church,(whom is my globally extended family), Pastor Mike Hoggard, whom for seven years and hindreds of hours has been the best teacher the Lord Jesus has gracefully allowed me to learn from. I have grown to love and feel connected to the people of Kenya and like feel their pain and see myself spoiled rotten in my thinking though I too live in a tent, I still live. nearly as a king even though I am disabled. As food is given to me though I cannot work for it, clothes are put on my back through a check given to me by my fellow country citizens, though once again, I could not earn them of myself. Though I live in a nice tent, I am still cooled in the summer and kept warm in the winter, though I cannot labor for the wood for kindling, nor pay many to fan me, for once again, my fellow citizens supportcme..just as a king is supported by his citizens. I thank Our Greatest God Almighty, Jesus Christ. Our Savior and everyone who is helping me to exist in such a fashion that those in Kenya dare not even to imagine. I am grateful for my Pastor and cannot wait to meet him and you all on the shores of that awesome River in New Jerusalem. In Jesus Mighty Unmatchable name I pray for all those ive spoken of here today?and for the lost always tgat they too may be found in grace..Amen.
01-16-2021 at 6:34 PM
David Hill
01-15-2021 at 6:49 PM
Jesus Christ is Lord
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