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ALIEN: The Phoenix Affair - The One Part 1

comment posted by Penney Bayer on 06-11-2020
Just found you on youtube. You are a great preacher. I worked with a wicken and she kept telling me i stink. Finally i told my manager and this wicken got fired same day and i felt bad i got her fired. Later i found out other wierd things had happed and my manager bought a scented candle for her office, she said to take away the evil spirits. Watching your video tonight I realize God helped me and it was good i stood up for rightiousness. I didnt feel guilt anymore for even my manager felt it and fired her. You talk about fallen angels etc that I have been wanting to learn more about for 20 yrs but no pastors discuss it. God led me to you..thanks and keep up the good work. By the way Steve Quayle was where I came to believe in Nephilian, fallen angels. I never understood how spirit angels could inpregnate a earthly woman and no pastor explained it but you. Thanks so much and God Bless You. Penney in Shawnee KS age saved 46 yrs ago.