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The Last Trumpet Part 1

comment posted by Wendy Silva on 08-13-2017
We just love these videos we pray for the continuing work our LORD bestowed on you bless you and all the church in JESUS CHRIST Amen 🙏
comment posted by D on 07-20-2017
MaryJo ~ First let me tell you I will carry you in my heart and in my prayers! The Truth is, that the rapture can happen at any moment... It is our blessed hope ~ and I would like to say hold fast to that. Secondly, we do not live in condemnation according to The Truth ~ see in Romans, there is therefore NO condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. We are NOT appointed unto wrath, we are in Jesus who Himself took the full measure of the judgement of our sins ~ all our sins ! Rest from self-efforts and "trying to be good" ~ all our righteousness' are as filthy rags. We are to dwell IN Him, abide IN Him, it is a second by second life living IN the Holy Spirit ~ every thought, every step ~ I am walking with / in Jesus. Jesus said "ONLY BELIEVE". If we are to "do or not do" ~ He will tell us ~ by the power of His Holy Spirit ~ He is GOD ! Paul says I am crucified with Christ ~ (all that we are, our sins, flesh, effort) ~ nevertheless I live, yet not I ~ but Christ liveth IN me. The Christian life is not hard, it is IMPOSSIBLE in the flesh, in our strength, according to our ways and means. Jesus came to set the captives free, bind up the broken-hearted, heal the sick, that the blind see and the lame walk... This is not just physical but spiritual ~ we are all lame, blind, broken, sick ~ I could go on and on desperate to comfort you.... I leave with this dear Sister ~ DWELL IN HIM ... Wrap up in The Comforter and rest. In Exodus, GOD looked through the cloud at the Egyptians .... We are IN Him, In The Cloud ~ looking at the flesh, sin, world, enemy... You fill in what hurts or binds you... and let Him give you His Peace.
comment posted by maryjo olds on 07-20-2017
I guess we will be going through the wrath of God for the first half of the tribulation but we will also get to see the Jewish temple being built as we suffer under God's wrath. Will we ascend into heaven with the two prophets then if we live through the first half of tribulation, or do they ascend on the second woe while we ascend on the third woe. Actually, I always thought according to everything I've read in scripture, especially in Matthew and Ezekiel and Isaiah that it was during the sixth seal the rapture occurs. I'm probably wrong and if I am, I no longer look forward to the rapture but live in fear of it. Also, it negates the reason for silence in heaven for about the space of half an hour. WOW, most of my understanding of scripture just got wiped out. But I see where we will be made to suffer for our sins right down to the last trump. I wish I would never sin again, but I know that won't be so even though I now know of the dread, the horror and the wrath of God that will come upon me in the last days. God isn't as forgiving as I once thought if he holds me to my sins, yet I know that my little sins are as great as one who murders in the eyes of God, so that is no excuse. All I can do is try my best even if it will never be good enough to escape His wrath. I just wonder how one prepares for what is coming upon the earth because there's no escaping. Gosh, i just feel so defeated.