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God's amazing Time Prophecies revealed
comment posted by Matthew on 11-07-2018
Elivate the LORD Jesus Christ the written Word of God who became flesh lived a perfect sinless life, died for our sins, rising on the third day preaching until his ascension witnessed by five thousand witnesses who were told by his angels that he would come again in the same way he ascended. In the cloud!
comment posted by Carol Emanuel Burkard on 07-17-2018
Now that I'm actually retired from work (well, almost no work). . . Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are my favorite days.....Thank you for your work!! Always in my prayers.
comment posted by Pamela Brodt on 04-13-2018
And OH, by the way...I put your website into it also.
comment posted by Pamela Brodt on 04-13-2018
With satanic activities seemingly increasing, I put my spiritual warfare manual up on for free to anyone that might want what information I have found out in the last 50+ years of walking with the Good Lord. I am now almost 75.