Pastor have been thinking about this for a while. And have ‘confessed’ sins that I would have preferred to have kept just between the Lord my God and myself. But would like to express the deception of ‘bibles, falsely called’, that deceptively ‘edited’ the true Word of God, KJB in
James 5:16, where the false bibles state: ‘confess your SINS one to another...,’ (like the catholic church), which I did, in what I thought was obedience, but have felt like I may have jeopardised my integrity in doing so, and have since been led to the true Word of God, the KJB (by your videos) which states ‘confess your FAULTS, one to another...’ – BIG difference.

So would very much like to clarify the difference between SINS and FAULTS.
I could be wrong, but I would define a ‘Fault’ as what we are capable and often do to each other, perhaps intentionally or unintentionally, for whatever reason so causing our brother (or whoever), upset or grief, and we all FALTER. So confessing our FAULTS to one another, is an admission of something being ‘my/our fault’, to have caused offence by something said, or done.
We would therefore, confess our wrongdoing or fault to, whom we have offended ‘, to bring peace, healing, and forgiveness between each other.

But, a SIN is when we grieve God, and, therefore REPENT of our SINS, directly to GOD, through the Lord Jesus Christ, so no man is necessary as no man can forgive us our sins, and we supplicate directly to Him.

I am ashamed of the ‘sins’ I have confessed to some (including you) by email. When in fact it was never required of me.

I thank God for you.
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  March 2021